Thursday Bible Forum

Thursday Bible Forum

A Lunchtime Bible Study

I’m in the teaching rotation for “Thursday Bible Forum,” a lunchtime Bible study for business people which was founded by Joel Settembrini, Esq. Parts 1 and 2 of the current monthly three-part series “What’s In a Name?” were recorded before a live audience, and are found below.   Part 3 is scheduled for December 6, 2018.


What’s in a Name?


Questions: Avoiding an Unexamined Life

Last year, I did a three part monthly series at TBF Everbank which started on May 18, 2017.  Using the Gospel of Mark as a platform, we posited several questions that should be honestly considered by those who desire to live an examined life.  The audio posts are found below.


Encouraging Word

In 2016, our TBF series was “Encouraging Word” from the book of Philippians.


Towards a Skillful Journey

In 2015, I completed a three part monthly series called “Towards a Skillful Journey,” focusing on God’s wisdom for our life journey. These posts are found below.


Kingdom Here Now!

In 2014, I completed a three part monthly series called “Kingdom Here Now! (thoughts on Belief, Eternal Life & Knowing God)”. It is found below.


Three Women We Really Ought to Know

In 2013, I completed a three part series called “Three Women We Really Ought to Know” in which we studied Rahab, Ruth and Hannah in the Old Testament.


Reflections from the Gospel of John

In 2012, I taught a three part series in 2012 called “Reflections from the Gospel of John” which is found here:


All Things New

In 2011, I taught a three part series from the NT letter to the Hebrews called “All Things New,” found here: