Judge Not…

There are two primary strategies employed by self-righteous, religious people through the millennia to convey the message to anyone who may be listening that “We’re better than you.”  The first, discussed in last week’s blog post, is “religious grand-standing,” that is, calling attention to one’s own good works and religious acts.  The other, which we […]

An Audience of One

No one likes to be overlooked or ignored, especially when it comes to any good deeds that we do.  That is why people have through the ages made it a point to do their good deeds or religious acts in a way that achieves maximum visibility or exposure.  Whether it is through long, flowery and […]

When Henry David Thoreau observed over 160 years ago that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”[1], I am pretty sure he had no inkling of specific problems we struggle with in the 21st century.  I mean, how could he possibly foresee the national emergency which is the epidemic of opioid addiction, or the […]

Oh Mercy

“Mercy triumphs over judgment,” wrote the apostle James (James 2:13).  That’s good to hear.  It seems like there are a whole lot of people these days who are more interested in passing judgment than they are in extending mercy.  But James reminds us of what Jesus taught on a hillside long ago:  “Blessed are the merciful, […]

Under Construction

I’ve had an ongoing correspondence with a man about spiritual things.  We met under unusual circumstances and I learned, in a very tense and difficult situation, that this man identifies as a Christian.  So do I.  That led to a series of letters that started when he first reached out to me by “snail mail,” […]

How many times have we heard or said that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?” It’s usually reserved to explain (or rationalize) when we proceed to act without knowing what we should know.  That doesn’t often turn out well.  Although I’m pretty handy around the house, I can think of times when I attempted […]

When my wife and I had our fourth child, we knew we needed to move.  We had already added onto our starter home with child #3, and simply had no will, or room, to engage in another construction project.  So, we began looking at homes, and thought, after considerable time, that we had finally found […]

When I was 6 years old, I asked my parents about learning a musical instrument.  They said they would be happy to help, and I could choose the instrument I wanted to play.  There was a condition, though.  Whatever I chose, I would need to take lessons, and be sure to practice.  Every day.  I […]


Employee compensation is often discussed in two components: salary and benefits. When we are young, the salary part tends to grab our attention, but as we age, our focus often becomes more about the benefits provided by an employer. The fact is that employee benefits are highly important and valuable at the beginning and every […]


While rummaging through my house, I came upon two tiny dumbbell weights—1 lb a piece.  They were so small, they almost looked like toys and I certainly don’t remember how or why we ever came to own them.  I laughed at the visual they presented, thinking how one would look if these weights were actually […]