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A Message From ChrisJacksonville Bible Teaching

Please join me over a virtual cup of coffee! In our world currently upended by the coronavirus pandemic, we discuss here some timeless truths worthy of our thoughtful consideration, whatever our individual circumstances.  Whether you are a long-time follower of Jesus Christ, new on that journey, or someone who is curious and checking Him out, there is no better way to hear and understand Jesus and His teachings than through reading and studying the Bible. You’ll find in this website resources that help you do that, including periodic Blog posts and various Bible studies I’ve led which were audio recorded live. They are interactive and often lively, and I trust you will also find them informed, friendly and non-judgmental. Welcome!

The End is Life…

The story is told in Mark’s gospel of Jesus and his “inner core” of Peter, James and John taking a walk up a high mountain…

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A Darkness Upon Us

I attended a vigil with the Congregation Ahavath Chesed at their Temple in Jacksonville. It was a moving ceremony remembering the eleven people killed and…

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