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About the Journey

My new teaching series in the New Testament book of James started 04.18.21.  This challenging epistle is an exhortation to MATURITY and HOLINESS of LIFE for Christ-followers everywhere.  To paraphrase one theologian, it is more about the practice of the Christian faith than its precepts, and deals with every area of a believer’s life: what one is, what one does, what one says, what one feels and what one has.  Simply put: it’s all about the journey. So why did Martin Luther call it a “right strawy epistle?” Come join us and find out!

God bless you all! Chris

The End is Life…

The story is told in Mark’s gospel of Jesus and his “inner core” of Peter, James and John taking a walk up a high mountain…

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A Darkness Upon Us

I attended a vigil with the Congregation Ahavath Chesed at their Temple in Jacksonville. It was a moving ceremony remembering the eleven people killed and…

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