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Whether you are a long-time follower of Jesus Christ, new on that journey, or someone who is curious and checking Him out, there is no better way to hear and understand Jesus and His teachings than through reading and studying the Bible. While such study does not make one a Christ-follower, it is essential to ensure that the Jesus you accept, follow or reject is not a caricature of who the Bible reveals Him to be. In this website, you will be able to listen to adult Bible studies led by Chris Hazelip which are recorded live, and are interactive, informed, friendly and non-judgmental. Welcome!

The Objects of Our Passions

What are you passionate about?  I got a kick out of watching the recent FIFA World Cup (pun intended). I mean, here I am living…

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4th of July

If you’ve never been to a Naturalization Ceremony, where immigrants are sworn in as new citizens of The United States, you should look up the…

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